The cutest Jailbird that you ever did see : McCall’s M6510

Extremely easy to make, McCall’s M6510 is quite a site, especially with this surprising fabric from Eurotissus.

When I picked out the fabric my shopping partner (yes, my mother) said it looked like a prison outfit. So I immediately thought of the prettiest man ever and his Jailhouse Rock. Which only made me want it more. Plus, it has this batwing shape that makes it look like a bird… the Jailbird was born.

I also made it in black cotton and it’s lightweight and fit for pretty much any occasion. It’s a bit more dramatic in black and the stifness of the cotton made for a more whimsical shape.

The M6510 has a couple of different designs with this pattern but I just went with the simplest one because it’s my favorite. The other ones look a bit more complicated to make.

The hardest thing about this pattern was probably the neckline. Other than that, it’s just a matter of cutting and sewing the fabric together. This is a type of jersey, which I don’t really recommend because of it’s stretchiness. It was harder to work with than the cotton. But it was worth it.

Oohuhhuh (the sounds Elvis makes when he concurs)


See how I spread my wings ?

In Black :


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