Halloween Dream : Dorothy Shoes and Dress

As October came around, so did Halloween.

“Lions, Tigers and Bears…”

Being a young lady, I am obsessed with Dorothy’s Ruby Red Shoes. So dressing up as Dorothy was the perfect excuse to purchase Ruby Red Shoes. Haha : I said purchase. Obviously, there’s no way in Munchkinland I’m buying something someone else made and that I wouldn’t have credit for. So I made them.

I found several tutorials on YouTube and found out that was I needed was : Shoes (non shinny fake leather plasticky ones work the best –> Barbes), Sparkles, and lots of them in the color of my choice… let me thiiiiiink : RED RED RED RED ! ( Purchased a buckets of those for 10€ in Barbes) and ModgePodge. Then it’s just a question of lightly spreading the modgepodge onto your shoe, sprinkling sparkles (say that really fast 10 times) onto it, and doing that 2 or 3 times until satisfactory.

For the dress, I basically did the same skirts as the picnic skirt in a totally different print (blue picnic print) and cut out a square and strips of fabric that I tucked in and stappled (someone got lazy).

It all looked pretty. But for some reason no one knew who I was (France lacks some basics)… let’s just be glad I didn’t go as Pee Wee Herman.


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