Indian Summer Effect : Pic-Nic Circle Skirt

So we were having the sunniest, prettiest, nicest month of september ever. And we were having picnics. Those are nice… picnics… yes…

And my back was seriously aching from making hair accessories (I pretty much have one hairdo, I can only do so much with 15 multicolored flowers), but I still had the DIY itch. And this is when Mom comes in.

My mother is quite the seamstress. As a child, I had unique ensembles made with love by Madame Maman. And she has this SICK (#badass) sewing machine that will puncture through your finger faster than you can say “could this actually puncture through my…”. So as any young woman in her right mind, I wanted to use that mothersewer.

Being patient and all, she helped me to make my very first skirt. As expected, I chose a very wearable pattern : picnic cloth. Probably not the best idea but I’m going to be the coolest lamest person for this year’s first picnic.

We used a Vogue pattern *insert pattern reference here* that my mother had in her stock of wonderful things that I thought were boring a couple of years ago and that I am now going to try and “borrow”.

This is how it came out.


3 thoughts on “Indian Summer Effect : Pic-Nic Circle Skirt

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