My first BIG DEAL dress : Vogue V8615

For Christmas, my mother got me my very own sewing machine. It’s a Viking… how cool is that ? VIKING, kickass much ?

So now that I own a sewing machine, I have to own more patterns. Thanks to my previous Butterick dress, I realized that there is no shame in cruising the “very easy” pattern section. First of all, it’s not THAT easy, but it is doable. So I chose to start off with Vogue’s V8615 which, although it is not in the retro section, has a nice fitted bodice and a full circle skirt which scream vintage elegance.

I went to my fabric guy (yeah, I have a fabric guy) and got something… let me thiiiiink.. RED !

The dress came out like this.


Then my friend Jess wanted one of her own… for obvious reasons (because it’s awesome and I made it). So since I didn’t really like my fabric guy anymore, and I had a new fabric guy, I got another type of fabric for Jess. And sometimes, Navy is more wearable than bright red, so we chose a navy polka dot fabric. And she looks super pretty in it. And I’m jealous, so I’m going to make the same dress for myself.


3 thoughts on “My first BIG DEAL dress : Vogue V8615

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