My first dress, Butterick’s B7490

Sometimes, you meet people who are mind blowing. Lada Redstar is one of those people. She combines an incredible quantity of humour, talent, humilty, wit, glamour and incredible DIY skills. The girl made a boat. And didn’t even brag about it…

So I was just cruising the internet for retro patterns, minding my own business, when I came across a dress I had seen before. It didn’t take more than 1 nano second for my brain to put two and two together. It was the dress that Lada wore for the cover of Bart and Baker’s Burlesque Swing Release (Bart and Baker also happen to be incredibly talented DJs, but that’s another story). So obviously, I was making that dress. However, Lada is her own person, and so am I… what I’m trying to say is her dress totally lacked polka dots.

The pattern that I used is Butterick’s B4790. A very easy pattern which looks really nice once worn. It’s basically a wrap around dress. I made two versions (because I’m silly), one is constrated, the other one isn’t. Mine is made out of linin which makes it really nice and breathable. And the polka dots just happen to make it perfectly awesome.



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