Pretty in Lace : Vogue V8766

“Vogue patterns are the best.” Said Mother.

So naturally, I have been flipping through their catalogue, leaning towards easier dresses.

This winter (2011-2012), they issued the lovely V 8766, in the “easy options” collection. I can’t stress enough that this is from “easy options”. It’s easy (but not VERY easy), which means there is a bit of detail work but nothing too complicated. I made this after having made only 3 dresses from the Very Easy category. Also it has “options”, fitted, circle skirts, strapless, sleeveless and my all time favortie : with sleeves.

I hear some people are reluctant to work with lace. For the more fiddly bit (the bodice), the lace is first sewed onto the lining, which makes very easy to work with.

The one with sleeves, which is the one I made, fits very nicely and has a simple elegance to it. You can dress it up with a nice updo, jewely and heels or dress is down with a pair of flats. It also has a nice 50’s feel to it with it’s full skirt ans scoop neck.

Now that summer is here, I’m probably going to try making the C version. Only with the shorter skirt. It’s strapless so it’ll work great for those nice summer evenings, sipping rosé on a candle light terrasse, while the maids run my milk bath and prepare my usual ambroisie as I watch the sun set over the hills which I know so well, having flown over them with my private -environmentally friendly- jet… y’know, tuesdays.


4 thoughts on “Pretty in Lace : Vogue V8766

  1. It looks very nice. My mom and I cut the fabric out for mine today. We’re doing it in an ivory satin underlining with red floral lace on top. I think you did the same view as we are doing – F. I hate my arms so hate that all the dresses out there today are sleeveless. Showing my arms through lace is about as daring as I’m going to get. This is my first time sewing with lace so glad to hear that the underlining makes it easier to deal with. I’m wary of Vogue too (Vogue easy is not easy by any other pattern standards) but my mother is capable of advanced so I have her to do the stuff that trips me up!

    • Tara,
      I absolutely relate to not liking sleeveless dresses ! And also of having your mom help you out… although I’m sure you’ll manage through this one on your own.

      Have fun

  2. That is great with the lace. I made the strapless version of this. Seeing yours, I think I’ll make the lace version with sleeves next time. Great job!

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