The day it all started : Flower Crowns

What had happened was this :

I went to the “We love Green” festival with Gigi. “Green” standing for the green color of the beautiful Parc de la Bagatelle and not for… well y’know. And at that festival, they were selling (#ripoff) flower crowns. I’m not sure if this coincided with my deep love of flower crowns or if it started it, nevertheless, I thought they were the prettiest thing EVER and I became obsessed with them.

As it usually happens, when I become obsessed with something, I want to have it, I want it to be mine, forever and ever and ever. The thing is, crowns made of fresh flowers can only stay pretty and worthy of ownership for so long (#20 minutes). So I decided that I wanted to get a flower crown made of fake flowers (#genius).

So I started by cruising google but didn’t find anything to my liking (#cheap). So I went on etsy and didn’t find anything to my liking (#TooCheapToPayForPostageAndPacking #Amiright? ). So I decided I would buy fake flowers and fix them on to a crown and then be a pretty pretty princess. BUT (#always) it was sunday, and all the shops that sold fake flowers were closed… well I didn’t know this for sure but I was too impatient to go to a store. Coincidently, I had planned to go to a garage sale that day with my good friend (#haha). And so I went, hoping to find fake flowers. Which I did(n’t). But I did find CHEAP fabric, something like 1 euro for 3mx1,50m, extactly my price range.

So I came home, borrowed my roomate’s sewing kit (remember when I didn’t have a decent sewing kit ? #5 months ago) and started cutting and sewing away until, 3 hours later (#backache), I had made a flower crown.

I used two “techniques” which happen to be featured on YouTube : One which uses petals and one that looks more like a rosebud.

And then I made more things. And bigger things. And prettier things. And then I became kind of good at it.



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