Faux Flowers = Real Princess

Yaaaay !

Spring is upon us ! Yaaaaaay !

So it rained today, but it might stop soon… Flowers have bloomed. Have you seen the magnolias ? They’re the prettiest.

Last weekend I was visiting a friend, and we went to a restaurant and the waitress had this great simple updo. Sort of 40s inspired roll but messy and whimsical.

I liked it. I did.

So when I got home I (unpacked and) tried to figure out how I could get that pretty effortless look. And I tried and I tried and I tried again. But It didn’t look nearly as sturdy as the waitress’. I mean this lady had been bussing tables all morning and her hair still look über pretty.

And then I googled and you-tubed and how-toed for a while. And then I saw that all I needed to do was get a rat tail and some pins. And then I thought of starting a hairstyle blog. And then I finally decided I would just make an ingenius and pretty headband that I could wear.

So I ran from work to the DIY store, got some supplies, and stopped by the guy who sells the faux flowers and went to see the guy who has lots of hair supplies.

And so I made a Faux Flower = Real Princess headband.

And then I decided to sell it. On Etsy : here


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