Don’t try this at home : M6460

Hello all !

I’ve been working on this dress for weeks. I didn’t give up sooner because I’m not a quitter (it’s not hemmed). So I’m not writing this to complain about a pattern I didn’t like, I’m writing this because I looked for comments on this pattern on patternreview and only found a couple. Now that I have finished it (let’s face it, I’m never hemming that dress), I think I can give my honest well informed opinion. But I’m not complaining, although it might sound like it.

I was interested by this pattern because the D version (bottom right) is an absolute classic and it was categorized as an EASY dress. So I figured that I should try it out. And I could have another dream dress that I would have proudly made for only a few euros.

Well, if you look closely at the package, there are a couple of hints of what’s wrong with the dress :

Image1. See the lady in black ? see how the dress is sort of pocking out at her hip on the left side ? yeah… that’s not her hip bone. And now I kind of understand why that other lady in the gold version is standing like a serpent and holding the dress at her waist. Sneaky Serpent.

2. See how the dress is sort of baggy up top on the lady in the gold dress ? yeah… it’s not cause she’s super skinny, it’s ’cause the dress is über saggy.

3. Last but certainly not least : Can you spot that lady’s arm pit in the black dress ? Now I also thought that this was only happening because these girls are too skinny for the (tailor made) dresses. But it just turns out that the sleeves are really really really weird. And I hate a weird sleeve. Really. They make me so mad.

4. And the sizes are all wrong (I guess n°3 wasn’t my last point). I measured myself and everything before, but I think it looks like it’s a size too big. It’s the least flatering thing I’ve ever thrown on (and off)… and I still wear sweatshirts that I got when I was 16 years old (#Providence).

Oh ! and why did they put that little bit of fabric sticking out underneath for the C model (bottom left) ? Strange.

I think the problem with this pattern is that they tried to simplify a sophisticated dress. ALSO (yeah, one last thing), I found this pattern was really not explained well (at all – I couldn’t figure out how to put together the contrast and the dress for the D version, so I just followed the instructions for the C version, but it’s a really really weird solution.) and just contained a series of cheap tricks. I’ll probably just fold away this dress and try to fiddle with it when my sewing skills (and patience) are a bit more developed.

So basically, I wouldn’t recommend it.

I’m going to make a third version of my trusted V8615 to cheer myself up. The M6460 has made me really frustrated with sewing, so I better get back on this horse before it runs wild, gets lost in the forest, eats poison berries and dies.

I also found a couple of inspiring patterns on BurdaStyle that I might try out. I’m going to try to make something that looks like this MAJE dress. Looks easy enough (knock on wood), I found a couple of patterns and looked and how that MAJE dress was made… let’s hope it’s not a fail.


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