Third time’s (still) a charm : V8615

Hello all,

Last time, I was very disappointed (tssk tsssk) by the M6460 pattern. Fortunately, on the same day I bought the fabric for the Mccall dress, I was careful enough to purchase what I needed to (rere)make a V8615, in a blue and white polka dotted synthetic crepe. On that day, at Eurotissus, I snatched the last bit of the fabric I wanted (phew) and on Tuesday may 2nd 2012, I finished my third V8615.

It’s really a great dress to practice on. When compared, this third version is sooooo much better than the first version I made. And my arms actually fit in this one, which is kind of neat, I can even move them around, which is even better. Sadly, my pattern is starting to look kind of sad. I had to tape on a few bits that were falling off… poor thing… I could already see myself handing it down to my children’s children’s children’s children… maybe I’ll have to be realistic and trace it so my great great grandchildren can make this (in space).

It’s from the Vogue “very easy” collection. On thing about the “very easy” dresses is that even though they might not be too complicated, “very easy” does not necessarily mean “very fast”. Surely, they don’t take as long as more complicated models, but they still are quite time consuming for a beginner like myself. Keep in mind that the first one I made took me 3 weeks, and this one took me 4 days… I guess that’s the thing I’ve been learning with sewing, you can find lots of tricks to make things go faster, but when push comes to shove, you still HAVE to take the time to cut your fabric (I hate cutting the fabric, it’s so long and tedious…). A girl’s gotta cut what a girl’s gotta cut.

Concerning the photos on my blog, I know they are terrible, and maybe sometimes I should wait to have decent photos before I actually post an article, but I can’t waiiiit. I’ll reshoot my garments soon. I promise. Pinky swear.

On my sewing breaks, I surfed the WorldWideWeb (#www) and saw something incredible on This little number is actually a romper with a skirt over it. The skirt has a drawstring (#ribbon!!!) in the hem that you can gather and tie underneath the skirt and around your waist to get a puffy mini over your bloomers. This must have been a dream dress in a time of many “are you planning on leaving the house like that, little missy ?”.

So I started looking for a pattern for a retro romper because that is a number that I wish to own and will be more than glad to prance around with. And if I’m brave, I might even pull that drawstring…

So I looked, and looked, and looked and found a pattern that I liked one Etsy from Candiigirlz Vintage. It was much more than what I was willing to pay, but then I went out on saturday and my judgement was a bit “clouded” on sunday and I purchased it. I think it’s a legit’ pattern from the 50s, I hope its not super different and complicated to make. The thing I really want to make is the romper, I feel like the belt from that skirt is where the trickiness lies. So maybe for now, I’ll stick to the more “basic” circle skirt, like the one I made for the “pic-nic skirt”. I promised myself I wouldn’t go crazy with unwearable fabric, and I like the constrast on the second pattern example. Well, first I’ll have to wait for the pattern to arrive in the mail… By the way, while I was crusing on etsy, I stumbled upon a great shop with really cheap vintage patterns : PlatypusDream.

I’ll talk to you soon for more sewing adventures. Hopefully, with a new skirt&romper number.

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