Tested : DIY Peter Pan Collar by HonestyWTF

I’ve been keeping busy these last couple of days. Mostly because I was flaunting my new dress all over town… It’s so pretty ans chic ! I wore it to work with flats, I wore it out with heels and I wore it home in my slippers. And it survived it’s first washing cycle, which was a relief.

Also, the weather was extra nice this weekend. So I hoped on my bike and rode around to Le Supermarket and to the Hype.Social.Market. They were both quite good but sort of expensive… but I didn’t expect any less from these indie crafty places. This might sound cheap… altough I find it kind of logical… I rarely feel the urge to buy things in these events, but afterwards I always need to make make make make.

Since I didn’t have alot of energy left after all of my cycling, I decided to try out a tutorial from HonestlyWTF.com. Apart from having the best name on the worldwideweb, they have really great DIY projects that are easy to make, fashionable and don’t call for heavy machinery or extra ordinary skills. Although you will need an efficient hole punch for this : the felt Peter Pan collar.

It’s super easy, totally useless for the warm days that are upon us (I probably just jinxed it).

I love the button I put on it, although I’m not sure it’s at its advantage with this style :



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